What a cluster fly in winter looks like in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

Why Do I Still Have Flies in Winter?

Many people are surprised when they find flies buzzing around their homes in the middle of winter. Though flies may
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How to avoid bed bugs while traveling in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

How to Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling

This time of year, many of us are packing our bags and getting ready to travel for the holidays. The
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Rodent entry hole in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

How to Spot Rodent Entry Holes

Though rodents are small creatures, they can wreak havoc on your home and health. From chewing up your walls to
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Pantry pests in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

How to Prevent Pantry Pests

If you’re cooking up a storm, the last thing you want is to realize that your flour is filled with
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Differences between rats and mice in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

Differences Between Rats and Mice

Mice and rats are often talked about like they are the exact same animal. But, in reality, they are quite
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Rodent in a home in Seattle WA - United Pest Solutions

Why Do Rodents Enter Homes?

Rodents are pesky creatures that can cause all sorts of problems. Bite marks on your walls, chewed-up wires, germ-ridden droppings,
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Rodent in the snow-United Pest Solutions, serving Seattle WA talks about where pests go in the winter.

Where Do Pests Go in the Winter?

As temperatures drop and weather conditions become harsher, wildlife goes into survival mode. Some animals migrate, some hibernate, and others
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Person raking dry leaves outdoors on autumn day, closeup - United Pest Solutions, serving Seattle WA offers tips to keep unwanted pests out this fall.

How to Keep Unwanted Pest Out this Fall

As the temperatures start to drop, you won’t be the only one looking for warmth. Insects and other pests will
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Person capturing spider with a glass - United Pest Solutions, serving Seattle WA explains why you may have spiders.

Why do I Have Spiders?

While spiders aren’t seasonal, many people tend to notice them more in their homes in late summer and early fall
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United Pest talks about the late summer pests in the Pacific Northwest.

Late Summer Pests in the Pacific Northwest

[2021 Update] Summer brings warm weather and longer days, but it also brings pests. As you anticipate your pest control
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Large ant infestation - United Pest Solutions in Seattle WA explains why homeowners have ants in their home.

Why do I Have Ants?

Although ants prefer to live in their native outdoor environment, they may find their way into your home in search
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Man trimming shrub. United Pest Solutions, serving Seattle WA and Everett WA offers 7 tips to help prevent yellowjackets.

7 Ways to Prevent Yellowjackets

The arrival of summer means grilling, hiking, and vacations, but it’s also peak season for yellowjackets. To help prevent painful
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