Service Warranty

It is our aim to provide you, our client, with the highest level of service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied
with the service you have received, please let us know immediately. We will strive to make things right, to learn
from our mistakes, and leave you with the peace of mind you were hoping for when you contracted for our
services. Possible resolution may include, but not be limited to, increased service, re-treatment, re-assignment
of technician, repair in the event of damage, etc. It is our history that when service fails our customers simply
want to be treated well and to receive the service they had anticipated. In the event a resolution can not be
achieved, United Pest Solutions offers a money back warranty on the service in question.
In the end, we want you to be happy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Rodent exclusion carries a warranty for the period of one year from the date of installation and is limited to the
craftsmanship of the work. Exclusion work which has failed due to environmental issues or pest pressure
within one year of installation, will be re-installed at no additional cost to the client. This warranty does not
cover damages due to rodent re-entry attributed to exclusion failure or rodent entry via other avenues.
This warranty is not transferable with the sale or transfer of ownership of the property or structure.

Service Cancellation

The Federal Trade Commission mandates notification of a three day rescission period on service contracts. In
agreement with the standards set by the FTC, the All Seasons Service Agreement offered by United Pest
Solutions may be cancelled without cause or reason within 3 days of the date on which the agreement was signed.
Upon receipt of recission, United Pest Solutions, Inc. agrees to refund, in full, any money paid toward services
not yet rendered. Money paid at the time of signing, for services rendered prior to the cancellation, will be applied
toward the Pest One Time (POT) service pricing for those services.
The All Seasons Service Agreement offered by United Pest Solutions, Inc. is a recurring service contract beginning
with an initial service offered at one rate, followed by regular service visits at specified intervals and at a different
rate, and ends upon either parties decision to cancel. All rates and intervals are reflected in the written and signed
All Seasons Agreement between United Pest Solutions and client. All Seasons Service Agreements are cancellable
at any time.
In the event of a cancellation occurring after the 3 day rescission period but prior to the end of the first contract
year, the buyer will be released from the agreement upon payment for services performed to date. The full
payments due for services to date will be based on: 1) The initial discount for the purchase of the All Seasons
Service program and will be valued according to the price for the POT service that would have been performed
if the client had not signed up for the discounted All Seasons Service. 2) Any interval services performed during
the first contract year will be valued at the interval price reflected in the agreement. 3) If the payments to the date
of cancellation are less than the POT value and the value of any performed & agreed upon interval service visits,
a payment of the difference will be required of the client at the time of cancellation.
*Note: Services such as exclusion, clean-outs, bird abatement or any other service that is not directly covered by
this service agreement will not be factored into the valuation of the contract, nor will monies paid toward these
services be applied toward cancellation.
For the cancellation of services or recission of the agreement, please contact us here.

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