Fleas – A Pesky Summer Pest!

Family on hike with dog. United Pest Solutions serving Seattle WA & Everett WA talks about Fleas - A Pesky Summer Pest.

Family on hike with dog. United Pest Solutions serving Seattle WA & Everett WA talks about Fleas - A Pesky Summer Pest.For many families, August is a great time of year to get out and enjoy some playtime with your pup. There are many places to go in the Pacific Northwest, water parks, dog parks, paths along the waterfront, and more. But this time of year is also one of the hottest and most humid–the perfect conditions for fleas!

The Dangers of Fleas

Fleas are one of the most annoying and most stubborn parasitic insects. In addition to leaving you with itchy welts, they can also spread harmful diseases to both you or your pets. Some of the serious flea-borne diseases include:

  • Parasitic Dermatitis
  • Anemia and iron deficiencies
  • Rickettsia
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Tapeworms
  • Meningoencephalitis
  • Plague
  • Bartonella
  • Lyme Disease

Some of these diseases can be deadly if not caught early enough so if you’re experiencing chest pain, fever, chills, delirium, or other unusual symptoms, you should contact your health care provider.

How Fleas Get In Homes

Fleas don’t travel on their own. They don’t have wings. But they can jump. In fact, fleas can jump between 10 to 13 inches just to get to their host. Whatsmore, after a flea has landed on its host, it will lay eggs–which often fall off, causing the infestation to spread around the surrounding area. So if you have indoor pets and are wondering how you got fleas, just remember it only takes a quick trip outdoors to cause a flea infestation.

Flea Prevention

It only takes a few fleas to get inside of your home to cause a full-blown infestation. In fact, a female flea can lay up to 40 eggs a day. Furthermore, it only takes a few weeks for fleas to grow into an adult in search of their next meal. So make sure you aren’t providing a safe place for fleas.

  • Wash or change your pet’s bedding regularly
  • Vacuum often
  • Keep your grass well-trimmed
  • Avoid areas with tall grass/weeds

Signs of Fleas

Wondering if you or your pet has fleas? Here are some common warning signs.

In pets:

  • Bumps or scabs on your pet
  • Excessive scratching or licking to a specific area

In people:

  • Red and itchy welts on your feet and legs
  • Irritated skin

If your pet has fleas, you don’t have to opt for expensive shampoos. Quite often dish soap is enough to get rid of fleas. But to prevent a possible re-infestation, you’ll want to have an exterminator come out and provide you with treatment options.

Experts in Flea Control

You or your family pet can quickly be exposed to fleas. Even the most unsuspecting places can harbor fleas, like your neighborhood or local groomer. Even though these pests are small, they can cause a lot of stress. So if you’re looking to keep your home flea-free, contact your local exterminator, like us at United Pest Solutions!