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United Pest Solutions provides exceptional crawl space insulation replacement in Seattle WA.

Insulation is a crucial element in any home, and crawl space insulation replacement becomes necessary for a home for a variety of reasons.

Insulation is kept hidden out of sight, yet maximizes comfort and lowers utility expenses. Nearly two-thirds of households in the U.S. are not insulated properly. Our United Pest crawl space contractors can inspect and determine if your home is up to code.

Why is crawl space insulation necessary?

If a home is not well insulated or properly vented, moisture from the climate or ground can cause a lot of problems, which ends up as a larger than necessary repair. Insulation helps keep pipes from freezing in the winter. It also reduces drafts increasing energy efficiency.

Moisture in a crawl space can lead to fungus, mold, or mildew which ends up in the ventilation system. These harmful allergens in households create unhealthy conditions for your family. Contacting a professional for a crawl space insulation replacement can help keep these toxic elements from infecting the living areas.

The advantages of crawl space insulation installation

There are several advantages that crawl space insulation replacement offers to include improving the energy efficiency of a home or business.

  • Crawl space insulation helps to lower your monthly utility bills
  • Keeps the home comfortable no matter what the temperatures are outside
  • Improves the proficiency of the home’s HVAC system, reducing high maintenance bills
  • Reduces the need for more energy consumption, lessening greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide
  • It eliminates complications from contaminated air, mildew growth, mold, wood rot, and frozen pipes
  • Upgrading crawl space installation boosts the market value of a home

The types of insulation used

There are several materials used to make insulation for a home. Each has its advantages and disadvantages which keep a home comfortable throughout the changing seasons.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass is relatively easy to install. This insulation comes in batts with its non-flammable properties and easily resists any damage from water. The installation process demands fitting it between joists, beams, and studs, requiring a professional crawl space contractor.

Rock wool – This insulation is similar to fiberglass. It is easier to install because it doesn’t cause that itchy sensation that fiberglass causes but it is dusty when handled. Rock wool is usually poured out of bags or blown into the area because of its loose nature. Rock wool settles over time diminishing its insulation value.

Cellulose – Cellulose is also a loose-fill insulation made from recycled paper. It is chemically treated to help resist damage from moisture or pests. If the cellulose insulation gets wet, it will get heavy and compacted losing its insulative value.

There are several materials available when insulating a home. Our professional crawl space contractors will help you select the right insulation.

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