Attic Insulation Replacement


United Pest Solutions provides exceptional attic insulation replacement in Seattle WA.Old insulation which is often matted, compressed, or possibly soiled due to mold or a rodent incursion will negatively impact the air quality inside a home. Attic insulation replacement can help improve the efficiency of a home. Insulation loses its effectiveness as it ages, lowering its capacity to properly insulate and maintain the comfort of the home.

When is it time for Attic clean-out services?

You will know it’s time to have your attic cleaned if you experience any of the following:

  • Heavy rains can seep through the roof or walls damaging the insulation allowing mold or mildew to cultivate, requiring an attic insulation replacement.
  • A spike in utility bills often means that replacing the insulation will help maintain the temperature, lowering the monthly utility bills.
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home’s rooms are the result of inadequate insulation in the home.
  • If a home’s old insulation in the attic starts to crumble or is sagging in any way, it reduces the efficiency of the product. Our attic insulation replacement team offers today’s latest greener options.
  • Rodents and insects like to set up home in warm and cozy insulation. These infestations will crush and ruin insulation requiring an extensive Attic Cleanout.

Choosing the right insulation

Installing the appropriate insulation helps maintain the comfort and proper air quality in the home. Today there are several types of insulation and materials used that boost the efficiency of the insulation. The Attic clean-out services professionals at United Pest can help assist in selecting suitable insulation.

  • Rolls, blanket, or batts are easily installed in open spaces in attics and floors
  • Loose fill that is blown into the attic to either supplement existing insulation or to replace old insulation
  • Foam board or rigid board is commonly used on unvented attic ceilings and new construction walls
  • Reflective insulation is used in hotter climates to reflect the heat away from the home

Attic Insulation Replacement

Replacing old damaged insulation is easier when hiring a trained professional attic cleanout team. We know the ins and outs of the project to return the attic to a safe environment. The newer green products on the market will upgrade the home’s environment. We rely on using only the highest-quality brands, including Smartshredz™ and Knauf Insulation products.

Furthermore, if a pest has invaded the attic, we will remove and disinfect the mess that was left behind.

Depending on local regulations, our attic clean-out services professionals know how to dispose of the old insulation properly.

After sanitizing the attic space, we will vacuum the attic with a heavy HEPA machine designed to ensure removal of any remaining contaminants and debris. Hiring an experienced team for an Attic Insulation Replacement ensures that the project is correctly handled, and the home’s environment is safe again.

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