Rodent Extermination and Seattle’s Building Code



United Pest Solutions explains rodent extermination and Seattle's building code, and also provides rodent control services in Seattle WA.On January 1, 2017 Seattle officially updated the Building Code. This update requires all demolition projects to complete a rat extermination program in order to obtain a demolition permit from the city of Seattle. Without a defined plan of action for rat abatement, demolition projects will be denied permits.

Rodent Control and Seattle Building Permits

Seattle’s rodent population shows no signs of stopping, and the city has taken several steps to eradicate rats and mice from existing buildings. The updated Building Code is just one of those steps, but it’s crucial. If rats aren’t properly exterminated before a building is demolished, the rodents simply move to the next building, continuing to grow and expand their already extensive numbers. If you’re building or developing in Seattle, the updated Building Code is something you must pay attention to, and all of the paperwork has to be filed correctly and on time–or you risk your entire project!

Do the New Rodent Extermination Guidelines Apply to My Project?

If you applied for a demolition permit before January 2017, the Building Code update does not apply to you. But any projects since that date must follow stringent rat removal requirements before demolition can begin. The rat abatement, or rat extermination, must take place at least 15 days before scheduled demolition. If you don’t have any rats present in the building (very rare in Seattle, these days) you must get a professional and licensed pest control company to provide proof that there are no rodents in the building before you can begin the project.
United Pest Solutions is very familiar with these updated changes, and we’ve been providing rat extermination services in Seattle WA for over 50 years. We have the rat extermination experience and knowledge of Seattle’s building codes that you need!

How to Get Rid of Rats Before Demolition

Construction companies run on tight deadlines. Even if you’ve been working in the Seattle area for years, this new update could significantly complicate your newest development project. United Pest Solutions has extensive knowledge and practical experience with Seattle’s requirements for rat abatement, and we can file any and all paperwork that you need to get your project off the ground. Don’t waste precious time and money trying to exterminate these rats without professional help–call United Pest Solutions today, so we can get your demolition project on track and rodent-free!

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