Flea Infestations- When Is It Time to Call a Professional?



United Pest Solutions provides flea control and extermination in Seattle WA.The discomfort caused by flea activity in the home due to the itchy bites fleas leave with their victims can affect the whole family. Waking up with numerous bites on legs and arms is a sign that the home is experiencing an occurrence of a flea infestation. Watching the family pets repeatedly groom, lick and scratch the areas of the bite marks can be distressing. Checking the pet’s fur for flea dirt and feces is another way to spot flea activity. Deep within their undercoat, flea dirt will look similar to coarse black pepper. It can also be found in pet beds, carpets, rugs and any area the animals reside. Checking with a veterinarian and pest control expert is advised.

Fleas bites may cause more than itching

Bites from flea infestations are notorious for the discomfort that they cause. Usually, their victims are small mammals, rodents, family pets and, of course, humans. The illnesses fleas pass on to their hosts are generated by bacteria, viruses and parasites that they carry from past bites. Fleas have been identified for causing the plague, meningoencephalitis, Bartonella, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and parasitic dermatitis. If not caught early these illnesses can be fatal to those bitten; immediate attention is required from medical and flea infestation professionals.

Even if your home is clean, flea infestations are still possible

Fleas can develop into a major problem when their host mammal is no longer around. A flea’s primary activity is the need to feed, bringing fleas indoors. When a mouse or other host found inside the house has been removed, the fleas that arrived on the mouse will no longer have a way to feed for the continuation of their own existence. These fleas are now forced to find new hosts within the home. Family pets and the people living in the home are their new hope for nutrition.

Flea infestations require stringent exclusion practices

Flea infestation professionals employ strict elimination methods for any flea challenge in the home. Elimination begins by removing every possible access to the home to rodents and small mammals. Sealing all holes, gaps, cracks and pipe openings help restrict their access to any entry points. Also eliminating outdoor habitats and outdoor hosts to control a wide area in which fleas reside. Flea infestation professionals know what the ecologically safe applications are, and what extermination products will keep the family and pets safe from menacing fleas. They will also check inside the home to remove any fleas with continual periodic applications to keep fleas from returning.

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